Expertise passed down generations.

I’ve been surrounded by jewelry my entire life. My family has dedicated over 80 years to learning and perfecting the craft. I proudly carry the torch forward with four generations of expertise passed on to me.

“As a boy, I spent endless hours at the shop flattening pennies with the rolling mill and scouring the ground for misplaced stones.”

This curiosity into the details and inner-workings of jewelry has not only given me a breadth of knowlege for design and fabrication, but has given me a greater appreciation for some of the finer details and experiences in life: watches that will last a lifetime, enjoying soccer with your best friends, or pulling up to the timeless lounge at Canlis for a crafted cocktail.

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My most important goal is to get you what you want, and the best way to start the process is to meet face to face. I prefer to make an appointment with you to ensure you have all of my attention.

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Seattle Roots Run Deep

The original family business was located at 4th and Pike. Today, I am only a block away from where it all started in Seattle’s Jewelry District.


Milton Sholdt Sr.


Tyler Sholdt

Inspired by The Great Northwest