What metals will you use to create the rings?

For fine jewelry I use pure metals including platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and palladium.  If you’re interested in alternative metals, please inquire.

Do you sell conflict free diamonds?

I only sell conflict free diamonds.  Guaranteed from the source, you will never need to worry about where and how your diamond was mined.  For more information please visit diamondfacts.org or give me a call.

What is the process of designing a custom piece of jewelry?

You’ll start by arranging an initial consultation with me to understand your style, budget and all of your wishes.  From there, you’ll select the specific stones for your piece that I’ve curated just for you.  A CAD rendering of the ring or piece of jewelry is created based upon the exact stone you’ve chosen.  After you’ve approved the design, then I manufacture your ring.  On average this process takes 3-4 weeks, but if you’re in a hurry, I’ve been known to make miracles happen!  Give me a call and I’d love to talk about it.

What about warrantees and repairs?

Your custom piece will come with a warrantee that the jewelry I create for you is free of defect in material or workmanship.  If, over time, your jewelry needs repair, please give me a call – I’d love to help. Each ring will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and if a manufacturing defect has lead to an issue I will quickly repair and restore the piece back to new at no charge.  Rings that suffer damage due to being what I call “well loved” may have a fee added for the work done to repair or refurbish any given piece. T. Anthony Jewelers is not responsible at any point in time for missing or chipped stones and does not cover the loss or severe damage that a piece could sustain. This includes all center stones in any ring or piece. Anything beyond routine maintenance should be covered by your own jewelry insurance.  We will happily assist in providing an appraisal of your piece for insurance purposes.

Are there alternative stones available for engagement rings other than diamonds?

You can use any type of stone for an engagement ring but the most popular stone other than a diamond is a sapphire because of its bright brilliance and hardness.

Will you create a mounting for a diamond I already own?

Typically, my answer is 99.9% going to be no but I’m not trying to be difficult.  It’s in your best interest to buy the diamond and the ring in the same place.  I do not set diamonds purchased somewhere else because I am so particular about my quality that I can’t risk putting my name on something that might not meet my quality standards.

How should I care for my jewelry?

I recommend that you bring your jewelry in every six months for a check-up and polishing to ensure that your jewelry is structurally sound and that the gemstones are tightly in place.  In between the six-month check-ups you can clean your jewelry with a solution that is available for purchase at the studio.

What type of payment is accepted?

You may pay with a personal check, cash, cashiers check, Visa or Mastercard.

Do you sell lab grown diamonds?

The best diamonds are real, natural diamonds.  I am a purist, and if the Earth didn’t make it, I don’t sell it.  I do provide beautiful, natural gemstones in all colors that can be used in place of a diamond.

Who took the beautiful lifestyle photos on the website?

Our friend Matthew Land of Matthew Land Studios. (Hint: he shoots weddings too.)